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Statewide Bushwalking / Hiking Strategy

BWA was represented on the Stakeholders Reference Group for the development of a Statewide Bushwalking / Hiking (including Trail Running) Strategy in 2018-2019. BWA provided an early Discussion Paper, participated in several meetings and forums, and reviewed an early draft of the strategy as part of the process. A new draft version was recently prepared by the strategy consultant and a DLGSC-led Project Management Group. The new draft was released on 12 August for a public comment period ending 9 September 2019.

The strategy, to cover the decade to 2029, includes important implications for the way in which bushwalking itself could be governed in the future. BWA will gather the views of members and other bushwalking stakeholders to make a representative, unified peak body response. Contact BWA Acting Exec. Officer for more info.

DLGSCI plans to launch a finalised document as part of the 2019 ‘Outdoors October’ program organised by Outdoors WA.

The following are some of the issues for bushwalking that BWA hopes to see addressed within the final Strategy:

Additional information:

Various BWA papers/submissions on trails strategies and related subjects include:

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