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Perth Bushwalkers Club Inc

  • The largest BWA Member Club in Western Australia with around 400 members.

  • A varied program consisting of half day walks, day walks, overnight backpacking expeditions, base camps and multi day expeditions lasting up to ten days or longer.

  • During summer months the program incorporates cycling and canoeing activities.

  • We run Training, Safety & Navigation Courses for members.

  • We have a comprehensive risk management policy.

  • All new walkers must complete an Introductory Walk to walk with the Club.

  • New members are always welcome!


Perth Bushwalkers Club

Quinninup Falls Quinninup Falls

Western Walking Club Inc

  • Bushwalks every weekend May to October.

  • Range of walks - track and off track. Not suitable for children.

  • Experienced walk leaders.

  • Weekends November to April, early walks in suburban areas.

  • Occasional weekends away.

  • Excellent social program.

  • Visitors always welcome.

  • Our Club was established in 1937 and is based in Perth


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Western Walking Club

Bibbulmun Track

Bushwalkers of Western Australia Inc

  • Run weekly bushwalks during May to October.

  • Walk lengths 12-20Kms on a mix of track and bush.

  • Some weekends away throughout the year.

  • Shorter walks & social events from November to April.

  • We have a Club Safety policy.

  • Membership about 50.

  • New members are required to complete 3 full walks before being considered for membership.

  • Club formed in 1980.


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Bushwalkers of Western Australia

Cape to Cape Track

Cape to Cape Track

Action Outdoors Association Inc

  • For over 30 years our members have enjoyed a great variety of activities.

  • Key events continue to be Cycling, Kayaking and Bushwalking which continue throughout the year. Most weekends schedule 2 or 3 events.

  • Holiday breaks are well attended with multi-activities conducted at popular towns or campsite.

  • We have a good range of club equipment for hire to both members & non-members at very reasonable rates.

  • Most day activities have a $5 non-members fee and we ask that you apply for membership after attending 3 events. Currently, new membership is $55 per year as at 2016, and includes 4 club magazines a year and personal accident insurance cover.

  • Our comprehensive website lists details of club activities, membership, equipment etcs.


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Action Outdoors

On the Munda Biddi Track

On the Munda Biddi Track

Albany Bushwalkers Inc

  • Based in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.

  • Walking program approx. every 3 weeks during February to December.

  • Walk lengths 7-20kms in a variety of environments including:
    • Coastal
    • Forest
    • Mountain
    • Rivers/Lakes
    • National Parks
    • Private Property
    • Bibbulmun Track

  • All walks are designed for reasonably fit people and are not suitable for pre-schoolers.

  • Some weekends away and backpacks throughout the year.

  • Annual Christmas social.

  • Risk management program in place.

  • Membership of approximately 45.

  • New members are required to complete a minimum of 3 full walks before being entitled to become full members.

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Fringe Lily

Donnelly River
At Donnelly River

Gull Rock
Gull Rock, South Coast

Bunbury Adventure Pursuits Club Inc

  • Runs twice monthly bushwalks, cycling, paddling & other outdoor activities during late March to mid November.

  • Walk lengths 12-28km days on mostly marked tracks & trails.

  • Alternate seasons we offer the Stirling Ridgeline Walk.

  • We sometimes offer interstate walking.

  • Some aquatic activities, cycling & social gatherings in our off-season January - March.

  • The Club has clear guidelines for walk leaders, walkers & risk management guidelines.

  • Our membership is very small - in 2008 it is only 21 (5 of these have a First Aid qualification).

  • Non-members can join in activities at a higher fee & free use of some equipment for the first couple of walks is provided.

  • The Bunbury Adventure Pursuits Club was formed in 2000.

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Bunbury Adventure Pursuits Club

Tree Top to Walpole
Tree Top to Walpole

Monadnocks National Park

Monadnocks National Park

Hiking Club of WA Inc

  • Our Program covers every Saturday throughout the year.

  • The majority of our walks are between 10-12 km during the cooler months.

  • Shorter walks and social activities are held in the hotter months.

  • Most walks conducted within a 50 km radius of Perth.

  • A minimum of three weekend camps are held per year.

  • Current age group ranges from 35 to 70+ years.

  • A non-member is required to complete three approved walks before being accepted as a Member.
  • We are a friendly walk and talk group.
  • Our weekly activities are limited to a maximum of 20 attendees.


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Hiking Club

Hiking Club

Great Walk Networking Inc

The Great Walk started as a protest walk from Denmark (WA) to Perth to raise awareness about the logging in old Growth Forests. It was also a Bi Centenary Celebration to appreciate our environment. People on that walk enjoyed it so much that since then different individuals in the Great Walk have organised walks a few times a year.

Most walks still are organised with an awareness raising focus about the land we walk and the way we live.

The Great Walk is a non-profit voluntary organisation.


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Great Walk Networking

WA Family Bushwalking Club Inc

  • Bushwalks, camps, cycle rides and related activities that are suitable for families with children of all ages.

  • Provides opportunities for family activities that encourage appreciation and enjoyment of the bush and the outdoors.

  • A range of day, weekend and public/school holiday activities.

  • All overnight activities are for members only.


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Family Bushwalking Club

Bunbury Bushwalking Club Inc

Our Club was formed in 1986 to encourage a fit, healthy lifestyle for members whilst walking and enjoying the great outdoors. Our guided walks take us through coastal and forest environments in both private bushland and National Parks. Briefly:
  • We have 1 club activity / month /annum.

  • Our Day Walks range from 10 -17 kms.

  • Our Car camps and Back Packs are over several days duration.

  • Car pooling is generally available from Bunbury City to the walk location.

  • We are Risk insured.

  • All our Walk Leaders are experienced guides.

  • We welcome all visitors including family groups.


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Bunbury Bushwalking Club
Bunbury Bushwalking Club

WA Wanderers Mens Bushwalking Inc

WA Wanderers Mens Bushwalking Inc. is a social walking group for gay men who are keen to get outside and enjoy Western Australia's countryside with an easygoing and friendly group. The group was created in 2008 and became incorporated in 2012.
  • Walks on 3rd Sunday of the month throughout the year.

  • The majority of our walks are between 10-12 km.

  • Most walks conducted within a 50 km radius of Perth.

  • A weekend away of walking is held each year.

  • Additional outdoor activities including bike rides are held.

  • Age group 18+ and currently ranges 21 to 70 years.

  • New members welcomed with introductory 2 walks as temporary members.

  • Most walks attract 10 to 15 members.


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WA Wanderers Mens Bushwalking Inc

WA Wanderers Mens Bushwalking Inc

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