The Walk Book Project: Adventurous Walks of the Southwest

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BWA plans to publish a handy guide book for walks of the Southwest Region; mainly circuit day walks and multi-day bushwalks, and mostly of minimum 15km length. These will mostly not duplicate bushwalks that are already online elsewhere, but will include some loops off the Bibbulmun Track and Cape to Cape Track. They will give walkers opportunities to reach many excellent locations in the southwest that are bypassed by the Bibbulmun Track.

Many of the walks will intentionally be reasonably adventurous to give walkers opportunities to challenge themselves beyond the more developed trails. The book will help restore some excellent, long-overlooked SW walk areas to the schedules of today’s bushwalkers.

Since starting the project in April 2018, we have initial walk summaries including maps and GPS files for around thirty excellent walk possibilities in the SW Region (see map and list). These walks visit at least 18 national parks ranging from Wellington National Park in the north (near Collie) to the various NPs along the SW and southern coast. More good walks are to be added to the list following a successful BWA workshop with experienced bushwalkers that was held in Albany in mid-September 2018.

All the walks need re-testing as the suggested routes are mostly substantially changed from previous ones in the areas, such as those in the 1985 “Forests on Foot” book. If you are keen to contribute to testing the walks or to providing information about these or other walks from your own past experience in some of the areas, do contact us now!

#1 Honeymoon Pool-Wellington Dam 2 days (28km) Wellington NP
#2 Moons Crossing-Bibb.Track loop 1-2 days (14-23km) State Forest
#3 Lower Frankland-Bibb.Track loop 2-days (26 km) Walpole-Nornalup NP
#4 Mt Roe-Frankland River 3-day (27-30 km) Mt Frankland North NP/Mt Roe NP
#5 Lake Maringup-coast circuit 4-day (44.5 km) D’Entrecasteaux NP
#6 Boranup Forest 2-3 days (41km) Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP
#7 Yeagarup Dunes 2 days (28km) D’Entrecasteaux NP
#8 Warren River-Yeagarup Dunes 3 days (37-53km) D’Entrecasteaux NP
#9 West Cape Howe 2-3 days (36-45km) West Cape Howe NP
#10 Lowlands Beach-The Deep etc 2 days (20km) part West Cape Howe NP
#11 Mount Lindesay 1 day (10-22km) Mount Lindesay NP
#12 Walpole-Nornalup NP 3-5 days (38-48 km) Walpole-Nornalup NP
#13 Fitzgerald River NP Traverse 7 days (85-100 km) Fitzgerald River NP
#14 Stirling Ridge Walk 2-3 days (19.5 km) Stirling Range NP
#15 Bald Head 1 day (12.5 km) Torndirrup NP
#16 Mt Richard-Bonito Beach 1 day (14.5 km) Gull Rock NP
#17 Mt Martin 1 day (11.5 km) Mt Martin Botanical Park
#18 Porongurup Range 2-3 days (14 km) Porongurup NP
#19 Tone River 2 days (?30 km) State forest
#20 Cape Le Grand Coastal Trail & loop/s 2-3 days (~20-25 km) Cape Le Grand NP
#21 Greenbushes Loop 1 day (15 km) mainly State forest
#22 Gibraltar Rock 1-2 days (?15-23 km) State forest
#23 Noggerup-Bibb Track Loop 1-2 days (16 km) State forest
#24 Crooked Brook Forest 1-2 days (17 km) Forest Reserve?
#25 Old Timberline Trail loop 2 days (37 km) part St John Brook CP
#26 Mt Chance-Mt Pingerup-Deep River 3 days (43 km) Shannon & Mt Frankland South NPs
#27 Beedelup circuit 1 day (15 km) Greater Beedelup NP
#28 Peninsula Circuit 2 days (28 km) Leschenault Peninsula CP
#29 Sabrina River 1 day (16 km) Whicher NP
#30 Gardner River-Bibb. track loop 2 days (24 km) part D'Entrecasteaux NP
#31 Black Point 1 day (13.5 km) D'Entrecasteaux NP
#32 Black Point-Donnelly River-Lake Jasper 3 days (54 km) D'Entrecasteaux NP
#33 Coast-Blackwood River-Marg. River 6-7 day (130 km) Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP, Forest Grove NP, etc
#34 Coast-Marg. River-Barrabup Pool/Nannup circuit 11 days (213 km) Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP, Forest Grove NP, etc

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