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What We Do

  • Foster and promote bushwalking / hiking in Western Australia;

  • Collectively represent an estimated 65,000 Western Australians who go bushwalking. A majority of WA’s bushwalking clubs are Member Clubs of BWA;

  • Provide an effective voice for bushwalking and Western Australian bushwalkers for advocating with State and Local government, land managers and others through meetings and discussions on important issues that affect bushwalking opportunities and quality in WA;

  • Research and prepare reports and submissions on bushwalking and conservation issues;

  • Assist member bushwalking clubs by providing advice and resources;

  • Facilitate insurances cover for Member Clubs through Bushwalking Australia, the national peak body, which provides our Member Clubs with competitive insurance cover (see below);

  • Provide information on our website to encourage and assist the community to discover bushwalking and our Member Clubs.

Our Strategic Plan 2018-2021 embraces our vision of “Better Bushwalking for Western Australia” and outlines the following expected outcomes of BWA’s promotion, support and advocacy of bushwalking:

  • More Western Australians will participate in bushwalking as a healthy, environmentally responsible and safe activity;

  • Bushwalking organisations will responsibly support the growth in bushwalking activity; and

  • WA will be increasingly recognised for its range of attractive bushwalking opportunities and quality trails.

BWA's success depends on the active involvement of volunteers from its Member Clubs and the wider community. Individuals with skills, experience and enthusiasm to contribute can participate on one or more of several BWA teams / working groups, including our current, exciting book project: Walks of the SW Region. You don't need to be a member of a Member Club to help us achieve better bushwalking for WA.

BWA is a signatory to and supports the principles of the Walk 21 International Charter for Walking.

Weano Gorge Weano Gorge - Karajini

Monadnocks National Park
Monadnocks National Park

Stirling Range
Stirling Range

South Coast
South Coast

Why Join?

Benefits of membership

  • Advocacy – An effective voice for Member Clubs’ concerns on issues that may affect their current and future bushwalking opportunities.

  • Participation – Opportunities for a club’s members to participate on BWA teams / working groups so a club’s views can be harnessed.

  • Information – Keep your club and members up-to-date with news and other information relevant to local bushwalkers, including via BWA E-news and email alerts.

  • Visibility - BWA helps promote Member Clubs, including a profile of each on this website. For many web searchers, the BWA website will be their first visited bushwalking site.

  • Support – Guidance to information and/or support on a range of issues clubs may face, such as risk management.

  • National interest - Be kept informed of national issues affecting bushwalking (through BWA membership of Bushwalking Australia, the peak national body).

  • Insurances - Access to affordable, comprehensive national insurances cover specially tailored to bushwalking clubs (see below).

How to join

In addition to bushwalking clubs, BWA also welcomes as members non-bushwalking affiliate organisations, and individuals, sympathetic to the purposes and interests of BWA.

Membership policies and forms:

MEMBER CLUB info. Application Form
AFFILIATE MEMBER info. Application Form
INDIVIDUAL MEMBER info. Application Form

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Bushwalking WA (‘BWA’) is the informal name for the Federation of Western Australian Bushwalkers Inc. founded in 1992 as the peak body for bushwalking in Western Australia. BWA is a volunteer run, not-for-profit incorporated association. Prior to 2015 the Federation primarily represented the interests of just its bushwalking member clubs and was governed by a Council of Delegates from the clubs.

In 2014 an organisational and strategic review was carried out for the Federation by an independent consultant funded by DSR. As a result of the review, changes proceeded under a 2015-2017 strategic plan as part of which the Federation implemented a modern governance model and established a new Board of management replacing the former Council of Delegates. These changes now enable BWA to represent the wider bushwalking community in WA, beyond our traditional Club base and so pursue a broader, more comprehensive and more inclusive vision for bushwalking in the State.

Introducing our Patron:

Instigator of the Bibbulmun Track in 1972 and founder of Perth Bushwalkers Club in 1969. Geoff maintains his longstanding links to bushwalking in WA. We are grateful for his blessing and support of our organisation.
Geoff Schafer

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BWA urges every bushwalking organisation in WA to take up the insurances available to them through their membership of BWA. BWA participates in national insurances organised by Bushwalking Australia which arranges insurance cover for Member Clubs and their members. This covers more than 20,000 members of more than 200 bushwalking clubs across Australia.

Bushwalking Australia provides the latest information on the available insurances, including details of the Public Liability, Personal Accident and Associations Liability cover and the policy documents. Also see Insurances Information which provides a convenient overview for BWA Member Clubs.

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President Dave Osborne
Vice-President Des Cook
Secretary Terry Mahoney
Treasurer Deborah Stone
Director (elected) Kevin McKersey
Director (appointed) Liz Dunn
Director (appointed) Ras Gill

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What We Do - Why Join? - How to Join - History - Insurance - Board - Constitution - Strategic Plan

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